Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Celebrate The Good

    The positive things in our life can often be so mired in the miasma of our world that we forget to celebrate the good.  
   We sometimes look at other people, who seemingly have it all together, and long for the life they have.  There is no one on the planet with "the perfect life."  But I've watched people who are dealing with the most treacherous issues navigate their life with uplifting and encouraging resolve.  I want to be one of those people. 
   We all have so many things in our lives to celebrate and be thankful for.  But we must be more vigilantly conscious of them.  Sharing a fun moment with a loved one, enjoying our favorite ice cream, listening to our favorite song...these are just some examples of simple things that we often don't stop to relish.  No matter how hard life may get we have to remember to build in some exhale moments.  What simple things make you smile?  Find a way to have more of that in your life.  Hang in there, and celebrate the good.  There are better days ahead.

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