Monday, October 30, 2017

Christmas Lemonade

   It’s not what happens to you that matters most, but, rather, what happens in you.  
My children’s book, “Christmas Lemonade,” is the new holiday classic that punctuates this idea.  It is a story of how I traversed one of my biggest challenges with a community performing arts program.                   During the holiday season one year we were tested on a, seemingly, insurmountable level.  But we persevered and allowed something amazing to be developed in us that made the trial worth every anxious moment.  
   When you face your challenges in life remember that what is developed in you is greater.    Your life is way bigger than any one aspect or moment of it.  Find a way to look beyond yourself/your problem and see the bigger picture.  There is a contribution to be made with your life and each trial can provide fuel for your purpose. 
   Sometimes when you're in need, find a way to give of yourself to someone else who is in need.  It will help take your mind off your problems and focus on someone else.  Helping others not only provides for them, but it also helps you to feel better knowing that you've provided aid.  Also, remember that, "This too shall pass."  What you are going through won't last forever.  You will smile again.
   "Christmas Lemonade," punctuates this theme and is the new holiday classic that I'm sure you will want to read each holiday season to keep you encouraged.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Treat Yourself to a Healthy Serving of Forgiveness

Here's a great opportunity to be selfish. Treat yourself to a hefty helping of forgiveness...that is, forgive someone who has hurt you.  We often don't consider that granting forgiveness is for our sake.  Nobody ever truly deserves forgiveness.  But, neither do we.  Granting forgiveness is a great opportunity to be selfish because it is just as beneficial for the person who has been offended.  Don't harbor bitterness it will eat you alive.  
Someone once said that harboring un-forgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the person who offended us to die.  
We treat ourselves to our favorite ice cream, or pair of shoes, or day at the spa, or the newest gadget.  How about we treat ourselves to a huge helping of forgiveness for others.  Go ahead be selfish, you deserve it!