Thursday, June 30, 2016

Crockpot Miracles:

   I was in a church service recently when I heard a lady say very emphatically,  "It don't take God long to do nothing!"  I thought about that on my way home and allowed myself to resonate with the fact that that's not necessarily true. Sometimes it takes a longer time to get the miracles that we want in our lives.    I've seen God work in my life very slowly and very, perhaps, methodically.   Because it took more time, I was allowed to marinade and learn lessons along The way that I would not have learned if my "miracle" came over night.  I was able to  glean from the wonderful opportunities that  that season allowed. So I'm not throwing shade on the notion of quick miracles. But, You may be praying for something or looking for something in your life that expect  to happen immediately. Know that God, at times, allows some miracles to come more slowly.  So don't give up buy into the process and along the way keep your eyes open for the things that he is doing as you're waiting for that over-arcing miracle to take place. God is a God of right now;but he is also a God of low and slow.